Marcos Hiram

Life in technicolor

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My work is currently displayed in the window of Paul Stuart (a high-end clothing store) in Manhattan, on Madison Ave and 45th. The company asked our class to re-imagine their classic J.C. Leyendecker mascot/logo and place him in a local environment. I chose to blow him up and put him on top of their store building.  Thanks to Moonsub Shin for the photo!

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Happy Socks by David LaChapelle

November 11th, 2013 – It appears that the holiday season’s most popular stocking stuffer is on full display. Photographer David LaChapelle has outfitted a slew of super hunky dancers in nothing but socks, Happy Socks to be exact! In a fresh new collaboration with the Swedish sock makers, LaChapelle directed the colorful and highly stimulating advertising campaign – au naturel.

So why did the fun-loving sock brand team up with an entertainment industry provocateur like LaChapelle? “We wanted to work with David LaChapelle because we really love his art, so for us to try and put any boundaries on his creativity would just go against everything we believe in” says Creative Director Viktor Tell. The aesthetics of LaChapelle marries well with that of Happy Socks, resulting in a series of photographs bursting with color and attitude. Or how David LaChapell himself expresses it: “This colorful shot was really dictated by the socks”. The multi-colored collection and collaboration with LaChapelle is in celebration of Happy Sock’s fifth anniversary.

Photography by David LaChapelle